About Me - FrasNym

My full name is Nyoman Frastyawan . I'm from Indonesia Flag of Indonesia Country. Currently I'm live in Denpasar, Bali a beautiful place to travel I would say .

I've been working in programming for more than 3 years now . I have started my career as Fullstack PHP Developer and changing stack on the way.
Now I work with JavaScipt everyday, Backend with NodeJS & Frontend with NextJS.

On daily basis, I work remotely as Back-End Developer right now . I work on a company that engaged in natural resources in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Besides of my daily work, usually I use my time with this kind of activity:

  • Learn new thing(s) about programming technology 🤓
  • Building new project (web or mobile) that helped me do my daily things
  • Writing tech article on blog 📝
  • Traveling with my family
  • A bit of jogging exercise outside to improve my stamina
  • And more... that I can't remember right now

Maybe that's all I can say. Lastly, I'm always open to new connection, so please add me in my social media .