Hi! , I love building new things with code and traveling with the earnings.

The first time I knew about programming was in my college days. The first programming language I knew was PHP and since then I started building websites with it.

I got my first job as a full-stack developer after 1 year I graduated from college. At that time it was difficult to get a job as a programmer.

FYI, I live in Bali; One of the islands in Indonesia. A suitable place if you want to go on vacation in my opinion. Therefore, most of the job opportunities are opened for tourism, not technology.

Photo of Bali 1
Photo of Bali 2

This is some photos of Bali

After 3 years working with PHP, I want to develop my career and start working with Javascript and Golang programming languages. I started working with a big team and learned a lot of new things.

Until now, I have been working in programming for about 4 years. I'm used to working in teams, working with senior developers who always help raise my standard for applications that can be used by wider community.

Lastly, if you need help building something to achieve your goals with code or just want to know more about me. Feel free to contact me on any of my social media .